Politics Essay

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I’m gonna run for office…I swear. Next election quarter I’m gonna come out and run for
President as an independent. How hard could it be? Isn’t our Nation about the people?
What better for our nation to be run, than by a youth? I mean, the youth are the future;
they are the most up-to-date in technology, geography, language, and virtually every other
aspect of our intellectual understanding. The youth are open-minded, willing to work
hard, and probably the most emotional and passionate people on Earth. Who would be better
than someone who’s fresh from the crowd, been around the block, and knows what’s been
messed up by our previous family members? I’m gonna fix the O-zone, make peace with all
the nations or blow them away, and listen to the people in order to give them what they
want. Wouldn’t that be lovely?

Don’t you wish that all that could be done? That all the problems created by our own
intellectual growth and our own pride in our cunningness could be solved by one open
minded individual. I don’t doubt that there have been many great leaders who have wanted
to change our nation to fit the ideals that have become a prejudice belief. That we
really are the land of the free and the brave. There have, in fact, been many great
leaders with big hearts and honest-to-God good intentions…but why haven’t we become the
great country that we believe we are? Don’t get me wrong I’m not slandering our Nation-I
LOVE OUR COUNTRY! But you have to admit that we are not all we say we are. We preach
love, justice, and freedom, but within our great White House there is another government
that rules…the laws of Politics.

Honestly, I am not a person who knows about Politics. I would not be able to hold an
office or even run for one because the “big sharks” would just gobble me up in a sea of
deception before I knew what was happening just like Othello being lead on by Iago. To me
Politics is like a whole new set of rules. Not the typical rules that we people live by,
but a new set that often stretches and bends. To help me gain more of an understanding
about Politics, I asked a few of my friends what they thought Politics was. I asked them
to describe what Politics is as best as they can, or give me their definition. Eugene
thought of Politics as an art form of some kind, while Tom viewed Politics as a way of
“Governing.” This is what they said:

Eugene Park: “The art of talking…or something…Politics, it’s umm...the art of something.”
Tom Vatanakul: “Dealing with power; Governing; Regulations; Rules…but I think Governing is
probably the best word to describe it.”

I would mostly agree with Eugene’s point of view on Politics. I see Politics as an art.
The people in power who practice this art constantly dance around as if in a ballet. They
have to smooze to the people; the big corporations; the other politicians; other
countries; and to the judges. It’s about trying to make as many people happy as possible
while trying to avoid conflicts or upsetting the people who should be getting upset.
That’s the surface part of Politics, the paint on the oil canvas. But what’s beneath the
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