Pollock Essay

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For centuries artist along with society have placed an emphasis on meaning in a piece of
art. Art has always consisted of subject matters, motifs and other pre-concieved ideas or
thoughts about what one should use as their focal point in a work of art. The very
definition of art though, is an appealing or attractive object created through any of the
fine arts. Nowhere does it say that a work of art must have a concentration point. Not
until the advent of abstract expressionism was the idea of "painting from the
unconscious,"1 brought into the art scene.

This movement typically saw artist rapidly slinging, slapping and dripping paint onto
large canvases with no emphasis on subject matters but rather spontaneity. Jackson Pollock
who has been deemed the greatest american painter was one of the pioneers of this artistic
movement. Pollock, the first painter to pour paint on the canvas with brushes instead of
using brush strokes to apply it, circled his canvases which were placed across the floor,
controlling the flow of the paint in a very rythmic matter.

The project which I have created was based upon the stylistic nature of Jackson Pollock's
work. The freedom of this form of abstraction allows the creator to work freely without
worry of making mistakes or even the inability to convey a specific message to the viewer.
Pollock's influence upon my work runs strictly in the process itself. Being an athlete,
action is the key to a performance. Whether its throwing a ball or swinging a bat, the
relationship in the physical nature of Pollock's process holds many similarities to the
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