Pollution in China Today Essay

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Pollution in China Today

In an article written by Mark Hertsgaard in November of 1997, he talked about how despite
China’s economic peril, the real problem facing the country of 1.266 billion people is
pollution. There are many reasons for this rather unfortunate occurrence, especially for a
country who has already dealt with so much grief it is almost unimaginable. How can a
country as big and with so much potential power in today’s world be allowed to reach the
point where it is so polluted that even on sunny days one can not see the fingers on their
outstretched hand when standing outside? Some may venture to say that China was very
wrapped up in politics, economics and getting the whole communism thing off the ground the
last thing anyone thought about was nature. The countries leaders never really considered
what actions they were taking then would affect the land a couple of decades later during
the mid to late 90’s.

Hertsgaard mentioned walking around the old Chongqing paper mill. It was built some time
in the 1940’s and was finally all but closed so that production is lowered to almost 25%
original capacity. Yet even with the lowered output, the plant is still dumping thousands
upon thousands of ton's of chlorine, raw sewage, laced water among other types of wastes
directly in to the river. Even still, Hertsgaard says the pollution along the Jailin River
is largely contributed to the paper mill, as well as the other factories along the Jailin.
There are people who live along the river and grow food between creeks black and chunky,
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