Polygamy1 Essay

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Journal #4: Africa
We have been recently studying the country of Africa and one aspect that I have found
rather interesting is how commonly polygamous marriages are practiced there. We were able
to understand these situations in better detail from studying “Things Fall Apart” and
reading about Okonkwo’s many wives and his different relationship with each one of them.
I was unaware of the fact that this is also taking place in the United States before
reading the article, “My Husband’s Nine Wives,” written by Elizabeth Joseph. However this
may not be as ordinary in our country, it does still take place. Joseph states that ‘a
plural marriage is not for everyone,’ and I don’t know if myself being a psychology major
has any relation to this, but I don’t think that this type of marriage is healthy for

In parts of Africa, polygamy is not only accepted as a part of the culture but it is
encouraged. The men are impelled to have as many wives as possible, because the more
wives, the more respect that they receive. Although this oddity is practiced so commonly,
it is only the males who take part in these traditions; females are not permitted to have
more than one husband. Not only are these wives required to know about each other, but
they grow to become friends and help each other raise one another’s children as if they
are one big family.
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