Essay on Pornography1

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Susan Jacoby

“A First Amendment Junkie”

Censoring pornography is wrong. Pornography should not be censored just be cause some
people find it offensive. I cannot recall the last time someone made me look at a
pornographic picture, or made me buy a pornographic magazine or movie. If you do not
agree with the material then do not buy it. The people that enjoy these types of pictures
do it on their on free will. No one makes them and to take this decision away is taking
their freedom away and is going against everything the first amendment stands for.

A large majority of Americans sometime in their life have enjoyed seeing someone naked or
have desired to see that person naked. To many feminists this is pornography. Nudity is
indeed an art and like most art it is one persons’ expression of their ideas. To take a
persons ideas away from them is wrong and should not be allowed. The first amendment is
about ensuring the people some authority and meaning in this government and by taking that
away we are slaves to the United States.

All of the problems with “Kiddie Porn” and children viewing pornography would virtually
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