Pornography Book Report

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To View or Not to View
We as Americans have choices. Living in the nineties almost everything is acceptable,
from dyed hair, body piercings, to homosexuality. When do we say enough is enough? How
much can we expose our youth to today without turning them into rapist, murders, and
thieves tomorrow? We are leaving them nothing for the imagination. Cartoons are now
promoting sex, drugs and violence. We don’t have respect for other people’s
boundaries, bodies, or privacy. Women need to stand up for themselves and stop being what
the men want them to be and start respecting their bodies. Because of these women, the
pornography industry is stronger than it has ever been.

Pornography came about in the 60’s when independent filmmakers saw that sex sells.
Since then films have got more graphic and degrading. Today there are films that are
viciously violent, and some that induce death. At the rate that the pornography industry
is going now, who knows what kind of images our future generations are going to
susceptible to. Is it that people don’t care anymore? You can walk down the street
and see virtually the entire male or female body posted on a Calvin Klein advertisement.
But who’s to say that is pornography and not art? There is a fine line to be drawn
to decipher between the two. There is no clear definition of what pornography is. The
word pornography actually originates from two Greek words, porne, which means harlot, and
graphine, which means to write. What I get out of this definition is possibly stories
about sexual escapades of women. As time passed the definition of pornography has
exploded to graphic pictures, movies, magazines and Internet sites. What will it come to

Women these days think that they have to live up to what men want them to be. That is
exactly why the pornography industry is as powerful as it is. Men want to see women
having sex with multiple partners, other women, and even animals. Just because it sells
doesn’t mean that it is okay. Women are being seen and used as sexual objects, not
humans. There has to be a point where we, as women, say that we will not degrade our
selves for you men anymore.

Violence has also been added into the industry as well as mutilation. What are we
imposing when we allow this type of activity to go on? One would think that it is okay to
do - why not; they do it in the movies. Men are getting off to this sort of thing, and we
don’t see anything wrong with it. Maybe there is something wrong with the women.
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