Portrait of an invisible man Essay

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portrait of an invisible man

Portrait of an invisible man, by Paul Auster is a very complex, yet interesting piece of
writing. This is a piece in which the author looks back at the past and reflects on the
experiences in which he has seen and dealt with concerning his father, Sam. In a sense he
is examining the life and death of Sam Auster. Auster describes his father as, "a tourist
of his own life." He was a man that had no emotion and an overall nonchalant attitude
towards the world.

At first Auster is writing this piece to put closure on the life of his father. Or in fact
to settle something that their relationship had not. It was unfortunate, but this was not
possible and Auster narrates, "There has been a wound, and I realize now that it is very
deep. Instead of healing me as I thought it would, the act of writing has kept this wound
open" (p.71). The sudden death of Sam helps him to return to the memories of his father
and come to terms that he was a lonely, “invisible man.” His father, “did not smoke, he
did not drink” (59) and was desire less. He never felt the need to indulge or to feel.
Auster explains this point by saying, “you felt that nothing could ever intrude on him, he
had no need of anything the world had to offer” (59). His father was a recluse and
isolated himself from the outside world. By writing this piece Auster does not achieve
closure, but realizes that his father was not only “invisible” to the world but he was,
“most likely invisible to himself” (52).
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