Power Corrupts Essay

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Power Corrupts

"Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

This quote is an opinion. The person that said this could have meant a number of things by
it. However, I believe this quote to be true. Power corrupts. This means, to me, that when
a person has power somehow they are corrupted or that the person with the power, corrupts
the things they have power over. The next part of the quote is "absolute power corrupts
absolutely," this means that a person with absolute power will absolutely corrupt
him/herself or the things they have power over.

In past history there have been a number of cases where this quote comes in place. The
most recent event that I can think of is former president Richard Nixon. He was in charge
of the United States; in other words he had power over the country. He was elected once
and when his term ran out he ran again. It wasn't sure thing he would win the next
election so he tried to "fix" the votes. He was so "corrupted" by power that it consumed
him and he would do anything to get back in office. This is only one example.

An example of "absolute power" corruption is one of the most famous events in history.
Adolf Hitler had power over Germany. Some people say he could have been a great leader.
Somehow in the process of being in power of his country, an army and people he became
corrupted by his power. Like so many other famous people in history they become consumed
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