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Preacing Prayer

Preachi ng Prayer
The topic of prayer in schools is a contradicting subject. Many people argue their
opinions about it: either for prayer or against it. The people making the decisions
should consider all of the pros and cons for each side. The action of prayer in schools
should be motivated to result in a better outcome for everyone. The people for it insist
that prayer should be included in school activity because it is a part of life that
surrounds everyone, the majority of the students support it, and it is already taught in
school literature. The people against it claim that it is not appropriate for people to
worship their god when not all people believe in the same one.

Prayer is an everyday thing that surrounds many people in society. It is a part of life
that will always be there. “In the United States there are over 350,000 churches,
mosques, chapels, temples, and many other ‘houses of worship.’ This does not include the
many ‘week and congregations’ that gather in rented halls, hotel rooms or even private
homes […]. There are over 10,000 student religious or Bible study groups now operating in
public schools” (Johnson). Prayer seems to be everywhere. “Approximately 10% of the
American population describe themselves as Atheists, Agnostics, freethinkers, or other
such appellation” (Johnson). A person can fight with 90% of this country or join them.
Parents cannot control drug, smoking, or alcohol abuse. They do not want the influence of
these things around their children, but they are anyway. Children have to learn to fight
for themselves and decide on their own.

Prayer in schools is highly supported by the majority of the student body. In December
1998, students voted overwhelmingly to have student led prayer. When the votes were
rejected, hundreds of students in the highly religious community held vigils and staged
walkouts in protest (“Education”). A student athlete shares, “Turning to God helps me
perform at new, better levels. This is not just thinking of God, but actually
understanding clearly the fact that I am the very expression of God” (“Does Prayer…”).
Another student says, “I realized that all of us kids were safe with God, whether we were
at home or at school. Or anywhere. God was here, taking care of us, and nothing could
disrupt or interfere with Him” (“A Second…”). Students, including athletes, enjoy being
with God in school activities. They feel that he helps them cope with everyday events.
“God is infinite. And God is good. Grace, speed, agility, coordination, and all the other
qualities athletes work at developing are natural for us all to express, because we are
each God’s expression” (“Does Prayer…”). In Jackson, Mississippi, the local superintendent
was the target of gunfire because he suspended a principal for allowing Christian prayers
to be read over the school’s public address system (“FAQ’s…”). Students are for prayer,
and they will fight until they cannot fight any longer.

School systems spread throughout the United States contain curriculum that involves the
teaching of preaching. “Teachers are not allowed to speak of the bible on their own, or
share bible stories; but the government requires them to teach about the religouns of
other nations and beliefs of the past” (“Students May Read…”). A teacher learned about
prayer and watched as it helped her rescue a student. “Prayer gave me the freedom to
diverge from the lesson plan and so draw from the young man his ideas and observations”
(“School Prayer”). Students and teachers across the country violate the First Amendment
simply because of the fact that they believe that they have a right to pray. Eleventh
grade English literature contains the teachings of the Puritans and Romantics and it
speaks of their beliefs, along with their background of religion. If people are not even
allowed to share their own beliefs, then it is not right to teach the beliefs of other
religions either.

Every holiday season, children in most of the world celebrate the joy of Christmas. They
decorate cedar trees, hang stockings, leave cookies out for “Jolly Old Saint Nick,” and
they ask Santa for special toys on their wish list. Schools allow children to have
Christmas parties and do all of these things. The only thing they do not share with the
children is the true meaning of the holiday. This same thing happens during April when
children celebrate Easter and the Easter Bunny. Schools are supposed to teach children
about important events. While they do, in fact, do this, they are teaching the children
the wrong meaning of the holidays. It is all right for children to enjoy these holidays
with the made-up characters and activities, but they should also learn the true meanings
of them along with the celebration. People celebrate these holidays and want things, but
they are too god to pray and be thankful. “These have become secular customs” (“Is It OK
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