Pregnancy Essay

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Teen pregnancy is an issue that people have been dealing with for years. Just recently it
has gotten way out of hand. I think that parents and teachers need to talk about it more
with their children and students.

I think teenagers have this misconception about sex. I say that, because I did. Teens need
to understand that sex is done between people who love one another a great deal. Teens
have sex because it feels good not because they love the person they are with. This is
what needs to stop.

Teens need to stop pretending to be adults, and concentrate on being teens. Parents should
talk to their teens about what could happen if they have sex. Sex is not a bad thing. It
just seems that way because of all the consequences that could come with.

Teachers can help a lot as well, if they could teach more about pregnancy and STDs. I
think the percentages for both would go down. Also teach them that the number of partners
increases the risk of not only getting a STD, but you could get pregnant as well.
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