President JAckson Essay

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President JAckson

Andrew Jackson was not born of wealth or prestige; however, he eventually ensconced
himself in that position, mainly through military success. Jackson served his presidency,
after John Quincy Adams, supporting the population that obtained a similar background. He
supported the “common man.” Andrew Jackson’s performance in office was strongly
democratic, which completely opposed the prior presidencies, “The Era of Goodfeeling.”
Jackson’s presidency spurred polarized sects of the American population, which emitted two
very different views of Andrew Jackson.

Jackson obtained the presidential position following “The Era of Goodfeeling.” In this
era, Presidents, such as Monroe, created a harmonious executive branch. Monroe made
appointments to people from both the North and the South, both prosperous and poor. The
executive branch had negated bias until the inauguration of Andrew Jackson. Jackson
created a “kitchen cabinet,” which placed extreme emphasis on democratic policies.
Sectionalism was hard to avoid because Jackson and his “kitchen cabinet” set decisions
representing only half, the democratic half, of the nation.

By appointing his select cabinet, all of Jackson’s democratic ideals were upheld. One of
Andrew Jackson’s goals was to remove the previous, somewhat “archaic,” officeholders from
their positions in order to enhance the vitality of the executive branch. He also
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