Presidential Debate Essay

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Presidential Debate

Peter Smith
Speech 120

On October 3rd and on October 11th I witnessed the presidential debates on television.
For the most part the debates appeared to be a close match between the candidates Al Gore
and George W. Bush but certain tactics, styles and organizational patterns gave one
opponent a slight edge on the other.

On October 3rd Vice President Al Gore came out with an aggressive style that is unusual to
him but in my opinion proved to be affective. Gore used many hand gestures to emphasize is
points. Gore also managed to vary the volume of his voice in a manner that showed concern
in the areas that he felt strongly about. Gore had very affective eye contact with each
questionnaire that approached him. This proved to be helpful by giving him a more “down
to earth” quality that many people will likely admire.

This is not to say that Governor Bush was effective with many of his own speaking styles.
I found that Bush used pausing very effectively when he wanted to stress certain points
and opinions. Bush’s volume was a little lower than Gore but it worked well helping him
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