Pride And Prejudice - Jane Austen Essay

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Pride And Prejudice - Jane Austen

Pride And Prejudice, Jane Austin

Jane Austin was born in 1775 in Stevenson, Hampshire. Her family wasn't rich but managed
to give her a decent education. At fourteen she began to write little plays for home
theatricals. She also wrote nonsense story's to entertain her family. After her father's
retirement they moved to the town of Bath. She was writing First Impression, now called
Pride and Prejudice but couldn't get it published till 1813. Jane led a quiet life and
never married. She died in 1817. She has written several novels: Sense and
Sensibility(1811), Mansfield(1814), Emma(1816), Northanger Abbey(1818) and
Persuasion(1818). Jane Austin published her novels anonymously. It wasn't till the
twentieth century that she became really famous.

Jane used to write about love and money.


Pride and Prejudice is the title of Jane Austin's first novel. It deals with a very proud
man and a woman that has too many prejudices.

It isn't before they both see that they are wrong that they can love each other.

Pride and Prejudice is a romantic novel in which manners are very important. It's been first published in 1813.

My version: Blackbirds 1992


Idea's and manners can be changed. I don't know what else to make of it. It's the only
lesson I can find in the novel. I read because I enjoy it, not because I want to be taught
life visions.


Title: Pride and Prejudice

Author: Jane Austin

[Chapter 1]

Mrs. Bennet tells her husband, Mr. Bennet, to visit the new owner of Netherfield, Mr.
Bingley. He is quite rich and he is single which makes him a wanted man with all the girls
in the neighbourhood. Mr. Bennet tells her that he won't be visiting him because he likes
to fool around with her. Mrs. Bennet is thinking about their five daughters, Jane,
Elizabeth, Mary, Catherine and Lydia. One of them might fall in love with this Mr. Bingley
and that would suite her just fine.

[Chapter 2]

Mr. Bennet did visit Mr. Bingley, being one of the first. He didn't tell his wife or his
daughters about is till the evening after the visit. They were all over him, wanting to
know everything about Bingley.

His wife praised him to be such a good father and couldn't stop telling him that she knew he would visit Bingley.

[Chapter 3]

The girls hear from their neighbour, Lady Lucas, what Mr. Bingley is like, for their
father refused to tell them. It seems that he was a good looking young man. All of them
were looking forward to the next ball. A few days later Mr. Bingley returned Mr. Bennet''
visit. The girls wanted to meet him and he wanted to meet them, but Mr. Bennet avoided
that in his own teasing way by talking to him alone.

An invitation for dinner was given and they were turned down for Mr. Bingley had to be in
town for a few days. He came back for the next ball, taking his sister and his
brother-in-law, Mr. Hurst and his other sister, Miss Bingley, and his best friend, Mr.
Darcy who made himself a name as being to pride to talk to anyone besides his
acquaintances. At the ball Mr. Bingley danced with Jane twice which was explained as that
he likes her more than all the other ladies. Lizzy heard Mr. Darcy talking about herself
saying he didn't think her pretty. Coming home Mr. Bennet was still awake, hoping that his
wife would tell him how disappointing she found Mr. Bingley, but instead she told him how
font she was of him and how font he seemed to be of Jane. Then she told him about the
shocking rudeness of Mr. Darcy.

[Chapter 4]

Jane tells Elizabeth how much she likes Mr. Bingley. They talk about him, he inherited
quite some money and two years later he bought Netherfield. He is the opposite of his
friend Mr. Darcy. They are both very clever but very different in all their other habits.
Jane tells Lizzy that his sisters and Darcy are staying at Netherfield with Mr. Bingley.
They all think of Jane as a very sweet girl.

[Chapter 5]

The Lucas' lived near the Bennets. They had a good relation and one of their daughters,
Charlotte, was a good friend of Eliza, during a visit from the Lucas's there was a
conversation about Mr. Darcy, how rude he behaved during the ball, not even talking to his
neighbours, not dancing and so on. Elizabeth says that she could have forgiven him his
pride if he hadn't stamped at hers.

[Chapter 6]

The Bennet ladies returned the visit and went to Netherfield. Mrs. Hurst and Miss Bingley
didn't approve of them all, they only want to get to know Jane and Elizabeth for they
think the others are not admirable. Then Charlotte comes to visit Lizzy and they talk
about Jane and Mr. Bingley. Charlotte thinks Jane ought to make sure she gets married to
him and not wait for him to get to know her better. She thinks they'll have the same
chance of happiness as when they know each other for a year. Lizzy thinks she's crazy, she
tells her that Jane doesn't want to marry someone she doesn't love. She wants to be sure
and she tells Charlotte that she thinks Charlotte wouldn't act that way either. At the
next ball, Mr. Darcy has a good look at Eliza again and finds she has very pretty eyes. He
starts to listen to her conversations and she gets angry about it. She tells Charlotte and
when Mr. Darcy comes over she tells him to stop it, in a very polite way as always. Sir
William Lucas had a chat with Darcy and then tried to make him dance with Elizabeth. But
instead of Mr. Darcy saying no, she told him she wasn't going to dance with him. They both
said nothing when Charlotte came and started guessing what Mr. Darcy was thinking. He told
her: He was thinking of a great pair of eyes, Miss Bennet's eyes.

[Chapter 7]

The youngest, Catherine and Lydia were font of the officers who came to the neighbourhood.
Mr. Bennet tells them they are two of the silliest girls in the country. Now Mrs. Bennet
tells him he is crazy to talk about his own daughters in that way, they'll get married if
he keeps doing that. Then someone brings a letter for Jane, it's from Caroline Bingley,
she and her sister want to invite Jane for dinner that evening for the men are out to dine
with the officers. Jane asks for the carriage but her mother knows there is a storm coming
up and she would like to see her daughter stay at Netherfield for a wile. So she tells
Jane she can't have the carriage and she has to go by horse.

Next morning by breakfast there is a letter for Lizzy, it's from Jane she is ill and
staying with the Bingleys. She'd like her sister to come and visit her. Lizzy too can't
have the carriage and decides to go there by foot. It's about three miles. Coming there,
she was brought to her sister who didn't felt better at all and by three o'clock, when
Elizabeth wanted to go home she was asked to stay. So she sent a note home and someone
brought her some clothes.

[Chapter 8]

The sisters talked about Eliza, how unarguable it was for her to walk all the way to
Netherfield and how dirty her dress had become by it. The gentlemen however think she is
very nice and like her for what she did. Caroline tries to make Mr. Darcy to see Lizzy as
a detestable person, but although Darcy's behaviour towards her doesn't change, he does
starts to like her.

[Chapter 9]

Jane isn't getting better and they are at Netherfield for some days. Caroline is false
towards Elizabeth. Lizzy however doesn't mind and finds Mr. Bingley very concerned about
her sister. Mrs. Bennet, Lydia and Catherine paid a visit to Netherfield. Elizabeth
defended Mr. Darcy against her mother by telling her she didn't understand what he had
mend to say. Before they leave Lydia asks Mr. Bingley when he is given the ball he
promised to give. He tells her to wait until at least her sister has recovered from her

[Chapter 10]

A few days later Mr. Darcy is writing a letter to his sister. He is interrupted by Miss
Bingley every few minutes. At least Elizabeth takes part in the conversation. She has a
polite quarrel with Darcy and finally he ends his letter and they go to bed. The next day
Jane was much better and after dinner Elizabeth took her down stairs. Mr. Bingley was very
glad Jane was feeling better and he made her sit at the fireplace. They talked the whole
evening. Mr. Darcy was reading and Miss Bingley tried to do so too. But she couldn't and
instead she started irritating again. She managed to make Lizzy walk through the room. She
wanted Mr. Darcy to react, but he was smart and told them there could only be two reasons
for them to walk through the room.

Because they had some secret affairs to discuss or because they know that they look
prettier that way. If it is the first, he is in the way, if the second he can observe them
better by sitting in the chair. Another quarrel follows and then they go to bed.

[Chapter 12]

The next morning Elizabeth wrote her mother that Jane was much better and that they should
sent the carriage. Her mother however thinks they should stay till Wednesday. The girls
decide to ask for Bingley's carriage. So the next morning the are taken home. Their mother
is mad, they shouldn't have come home. Their father however is glad that his eldest
daughters are home again for he thinks the conversation level had sunk to a minimum dept
with them being away.

[Chapter 13]

Next morning Mr. Bennet tells them that there will be a visitor, it's his cousin Mr.
Collins who they have never seen. He is Mr. Bennet's only inheritor. Mrs. Bennet is upset,
he can through he and the girls out of the house as soon as Mr. Bennet is dead.

Mr. Bennet reads the letter outloud. Mr. William Collins writes that Mr. Bennet and his
father had a very bad relationship and that now, as his father passed away, he would like
to try and heal the breach.

Mr. Bennet wrote him a letter that he was welcome. Mr. Collins arrived just before dinner.

[Chapter 14]

Mr. Collins starts talking about Lady Catherine de Bourgh his patronagess. She is Sir
Lewis de Bourgh's widow. She and her daughter live across Rosings Park. Mr. Bennet is glad
that his cousin is as absurd as he had hoped . And Mr. Collins keeps looking at the girls,
mainly at Jane.

[Chapter 15]

Mr. Collins intents to marry and it seems that Jane is in his view. Next morning dear Mrs.
Bennet however tells him that Jane is likely to marry Mr. Bingley. Now William goes after
Elizabeth. Mrs. Bennet believes that soon both Elizabeth and Jane will be married. The

and Mr. Collins decide to walk to Meryton. There they meet two officers, Mr. Denny and his
friend Mr. Wickham, who they never met before. Then they see Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy.
When Mr. Darcy sees Mr. Wickham his face gets all red and the other goes white. They greet
and than Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy leave. The two eldest noticed the hostile manners and
they wonder what going on between them. The girls and the two man walk to the house of Mr.
and Mrs. Philip, there uncle and aunt. Mr. Collins got introduced. Kitty and Lydia talked
about Mr. Wickham and their aunt promised them that Mr. Philip would ask around about him.
On their way home Lizzy and Jane talk about what they saw.

[Chapter 16]

During Mr. Collins's stay they visited Meryton again. Their uncle had invited Mr. Wickham
too. After he came in he sat down besides Elizabeth who thinks that he is not like the
other officers, he has good manners and is the opposite of Mr. Darcy. During his chat with
Lizzy he asks her how long Darcy has been staying at Netherfield now and then he tells her
that the late Mr. Darcy was the best friend he ever had. However, he doesn't like his son
for he dishonoured the memory of his father. The late Mr. Darcy had been his godfather and
after he died Mr. Wickham would have got a living if Mr. Darcy's son hadn't ignored his
will. He also tells her about his sister, Miss Darcy. She is about 16 years old and quite
handsome, but further, she is too much like her brother. She lives in London with a lady,
some sort of governess. Lizzy tells him about Mr. Bingley, that he is a wonderful man and
that he can't know anything about Mr. Darcy. Mr. Wickham tells her that Darcy can be very
nice. Mr. Collins was talking to Mrs. Philips and Wickham heard them talking about Lady
Catherine de Bourgh. Wickham tells them that Lady Anne Darcy was Lady Catherine's sister.
Wickham tells Lizzy that Miss de Bourgh will inherit a very large fortune and that she and
Darcy are to be married. At least that is what every one thinks.

Lizzy thinks Mr. Darcy has too much pride and his aunt, Lady Catherine is an arrogant woman.

After dinner they went home and Elizabeth couldn't stop thinking about Mr. Wickham and what he had told her.

[Chapter 17]

Next day Lizzy talks with Jane about what she heard. Jane doesn't believe Mr. Wickham, she
only sees the good sites of people. Jane doesn't know who to believe anymore except that
Mr. Bingley will be the victim if the affair becomes public. Then they have to stop
talking because Mr. Bingley and his sisters arrive to give them the long expected
invitation for the ball at Netherfield. The two sisters only talked to Jane and Lizzy and
they left so soon that even their brother was surprised. But they did manage to escape
from Mrs. Bennet's civilities. Jane was looking forward to an evening with her two friends
and of course their brother and Lizzy was hoping on dancing with Mr. Wickham. Lizzy was in
such a good state, she even talked to Mr. Collins, freely. It wasn't a good idea however
because now she was to dance with him at the ball.

[Chapter 18]

Ball time at Netherfield. Elizabeth is looking for Mr. Wickham, she can't find him. She
never thought about him not being there till she heard his friend Mr. Denny. He tells her
Wickham wanted to avoid seeing a certain person and so he had business in town. Lizzy goes
to her friend Lady Charlotte Lucas and after talking to her she feels better. The first
two dances however, are for Mr. Collins and she doesn't like that. Later that evening when
she is talking to Charlotte again Mr. Darcy suddenly asks her for a dance.

Dancing with him is odd, he doesn't say a worth so Lizzy decides that he must be punished
for that. She starts a conversation. After a while she tells him she that she has a new
acquaintance. Mr. Darcy gets upset and when he finally answers he is [bitter}]. Mr. Lucas
interrupts their conversation by mentioning that Mr. Bingley and Jane are dancing
together. It seems to bother Darcy but he is dancing too. Elizabeth is analysing his
character, it doesn't work. Later Miss Bingley tells Eliza that she shouldn't give Mr.
Wickham to much credit for she thinks that he is lying. Lizzy thinks Miss Bingley is in
love with Mr. Darcy and that she is ignorant. Jane tells her sister that Mr. Bingley
doesn't know anything about Wickham but that he thinks Wickham isn't a respectful man. Mr.
Collins tells Lizzy he heard that Mr. Darcy is Lady Catherine's nephew and he is going to
talk to him. Lizzy wants to stop him but she fails. Collins talks to Darcy who gives him a
little bow and then moves on. Collins thinks Darcy likes him. Lizzy hears her mother and
Mrs. Lucas talk about Jane being married to Mr. Bingley. She sees Darcy looking at them
and she is ashamed about her mother's behaviour. Mary starts singing and only Mr. Bennet
understands Lizzy and makes her stop. Unfortunately Mr. Collins starts his performance
than. Bingley and Jane haven't noticed anything but Mr. Darcy did and he doesn't like what
he has seen and heard. Finally they go home.

[Chapter 19]

Next day, after breakfast Mr. Collins asks Lizzy to marry him. She turns him down.

[Chapter 20]

Her Mother tells her that if she doesn't marry him she'll never talk to her again.
Elizabeth talks to her father who tells her the opposite. Now her mother is really upset.

[Chapter 21]

Next morning Miss Lucas comes to visit Elizabeth. She listens to Collins for a while and
then they go to town. They pick up Mr. Wickham and walk around for some time. When they
return their is a letter for Jane from Caroline Bingley, they left Netherfield and they
probably won't come back. Jane is a little upset for she really likes Mr. Bingley. Lizzy
tries to reassure her by telling her that Miss Bingley wants her brother to marry Miss
Darcy. She is trying to keep him away from her. She tries to explain to her that Miss
Bingley herself is in love with Mr. Darcy. She hopes that when there has been one
marriage, a second isn't that much trouble anymore. They decide not to tell there mother
about the Bingley's not coming back this winter.

[Chapter 22]

That evening Miss Lucas stays for dinner and listens to Mr. Collins again. She is up to
something. Next morning Mr. Collins is due to go home but before he leaves he goes to the
Lucas's and proposes to Charlotte. She'll marry him. Elizabeth thinks she is crazy.
Charlotte tells her she thinks that she'll be as happy with him as with every other man.

[Chapter 23]

Sir William Lucas is sent by Charlotte to tell the Bennet's about the engagement. Mrs.
Bennet is angry with Elizabeth for a week, with Mr. and Mrs. Lucas for a month and with
Charlotte even longer.

Lizzy and Charlotte don't talk about the subject any more. Jane writes a letter to
Caroline Bingley and hopes to hear from her soon. They get a letter from Mr. Collins,
he'll be coming to make arrangements for the marriage. Elizabeth starts fearing that Mr.
Bingley's sisters will succeed in keeping him away from Jane. Mrs. Bennet complains about
Collins that he'll put them out off their home once Mr. Bennet passed away.

[Chapter 24]

There comes a letter form Miss Bingley, they'll be staying the winter in London. They are
staying at Darcy's. Miss Darcy is praised too much in the letter. Lizzy tries to comfort
Jane but she fails. After an argument about man and her own situation Jane still doesn't
believe that Miss Bingley, Mrs. Hurst and Mr. Darcy have something to do with Bingley
staying in London. Mr. Bennet asks Lizzy about Mr. Wickham. Would she marry him? Elizabeth
doesn't know, she isn't sure about what to think of Mr. Darcy anymore.


Mr. Collins leaves Longbourn. A few days later Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner arrive. ( Mrs.
Bennet's sister). They'll be staying for Christmas. Their aunt knows about Mr. Bingley and
Jane because they wrote her some letters. Mrs. Gardiner asks Jane to go to London with
them after Christmas. She will, she hopes to see her friend there. Mrs. Gardiner and Mr.
Wickham have some friends in common where they talk about. Mrs. Gardiner remembers Mr.
Darcy used to be described as an ill natured boy who was very proud.

[Chapter 26]

Mrs. Gardiner warns Lizzy, she shouldn't fall in love with Mr. Darcy merely because every
one dislikes him. She tells Lizzy that Wickham might fall in love with her but Lizzy is
sure he won't because she sees him as a dear friend and nothing more. The Gardiners and
Jane leave for London and soon after that Mr. Collins returns. Jane promises Charlotte to
visit her in Hunsford in March, with Charlotte's father and her sister Maria. After the
wedding they started writing to each other. Charlotte pretends to be very happy and she
praises everything she has and every one she meets. Then Elizabeth receives a letter from
Jane. She has visited Caroline and it took weeks before Caroline returned her visit to
her. Lizzy is sorry for her sister but hopes Mr. Bingley will soon marry Miss Darcy to
find out what he has thrown away. Lizzy writes to her aunt that Lydia and Kitty like
Wickham even better than she does.

[Chapter 27]

It's March. Elizabeth, Mary and Mr. Lucas will be visiting Charlotte in Hunsford. But
first they pay a visit to the Gardiners in London. Jane is happy to see Lizzy and Mrs.
Gardiner wants to know everything about Miss King, Mr. Wickham's new friend. Lizzy gets an
invitation for a holiday. They have a nice evening in the theatre.

[Chapter 28]

Next morning they drive to Hunsford. Mr. Collins shows them around and leads them to their
rooms. Later there are some other guests. Miss de Bourgh and Mrs. Jenkinson, who lives at
Rosings too. They have come to invite every one for dinner at Rosings the next day.

[Chapter 29]

Mr. Collins tells Lizzy not to worry about her dress for Lade Catherine won't mind if it
is simple. Lizzy finds some resemblance between Lady Catherine and Mr. Darcy. After dinner
Mrs. de Bourgh starts questioning Elizabeth about her life, her family, habits and
friends. They disagree about many things but finally she stops to play cards. Mr. Collins
can't stop talking and apologising where as Mr. Lucas doesn't say a worth. Lizzy is happy
to leave.

[Chapter 30]

Sir William only stayed a week at Hunsford. Mr. Collins showed him the country. After he
left Mr. Collins spent his time in the garden and the girls didn't get to see him very
often. They had some dinners at Rosings. Easter was coming and so was Mr. Darcy. There
will be a party at Rosings. The they after his arrival Mr. Collins went to Rosings to meet
him. Coming back there are two gentlemen with him. Mr. Darcy and his cousin Colonel

[Chapter 31]

During the next week they saw Mr. Fitzwilliam a few times. Darcy was only seen at the
church. Finally they get an invitation to spent the evening at Rosings. Lizzy is talking
to Fitzwilliam and Darcy is looking curious in their direction. Darcy and Lizzy are
fighting again, with words of course. Darcy tells her that he can't make new acquaintances
himself, he thinks he misses that talent. Lizzy is playing with him and his cousin is
helping her. Now Darcy starts praising her because see is able to talk to strangers
without any trouble. Finally Lady Catherine's carriage took them home.

[Chapter 32]

Next morning Lizzy writes a letter to Jane. The other girls are out and she was home
alone. The doorbell rings and Mr. Darcy comes in. She asks Darcy about the well being of
his friend, Mr. Bingley and when they will be going back to Netherfield. After a while
Lizzy noticed that Darcy was being much nicer than usual. He noticed it too and changed
his manners at once. Charlotte and Maria come in and soon Mr. Darcy leaves. Charlotte
thinks he's in love with Elizabeth.

Darcy and Fitzwilliam come to pay a visit every day.

[Chapter 33]

Darcy and Lizzy meet in the park sometime, very strange, non of them speaks, they just
walk. Still Lizzy doesn't believe that Darcy is in love with her. Mr. Fitzwilliam comes to
visit Lizzy and she finds out that Mr. Darcy isn't the only one who has something to say
about his sister. His cousin also has to take care of Georgiana. Fitzwilliam tells that
Darcy told him that he saved a dear friend from marrying the wrong woman last summer.
Lizzy is furious but her visitor doesn't notices it. Lizzy refuses to go to Rosings that
evening, she stays at home having a headache.

[Chapter 34]

After the others left for Rosings Lizzy starts reading Jane's letters again. She wants to
find out who Darcy really is. Jane used to be cheerful even in her letters but Lizzy
thinks she misses that now. She hears the doorbell and soon after Mr. Darcy walks into the
room. He is worried about her health. Silence. Then he suddenly starts telling Elizabeth
that he loves her even though he doesn't want to. Elizabeth is surprised and angry, she
tells him that she isn't in love with him etc.

Darcy becomes pale and angry. He wants to know why she gives him so sort an answer. Lizzy
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