Pride and prejudice Criticism

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pride and prejudice

A Fight For A dance"

It's the nineteen century, and I am a poor old colored man that doesn't even have the mind
to write this letter because I don't know how to write well by the lack of my education,
and I don't even want to remember, let me explained this to you in this way so you get it
quickly, 90 years ago I was reading this two poems named "Slavery, a poem" and "To the
Ladies" that I found on one of the books of Ms. Lady Spears (R.I.P), the ex-Madam of the
house in which I worked, before her abruptly death caused by her husband. Here they
explained that colored people and women in this two poems are compared equally too each
other and placed as a race in which men have to control over them and treat them how he
wants too. Women during the eighteenth century no matter if she was independent and
wealthy, if she wanted to divorce from her husband it was not permitted. Meanwhile slaves
no matter how intelligent or respectful and friendly they were, never would be able to be
free from their owners. Telling this too you hearts me so much because I am realizing that
I was a total coward in permitting Mr. Timberlake treat Ms. Spears how he did it. Ms.
Spears was a lovely young talented girl, who always had the desire to dance because it was
her inner passion that kept her alive, she always invited me, meanwhile her husband was
not in the house, to go and watch her move. We kept doing it during 3 entirely months
until one dreadful night Mr. Timberlake catch us. He hitted her so hardly that she was
claiming for mercy. I was so shocked by the terrible scene that I didn't knew what to do.
Then with all my strength I stood and Hit him so hard until he became unconscious. Ms.
Spears began to say this lines from the poem that filled her with pride and glory to fight
for her right and that it was going to be the phrase that was going to inspire many other
young girls and slaves too:

"Value yourself, and man despise: You must be proud, if you'll be wise."

And began to hit him so hard that I thought she was going to kill him.
Suddenly the policeman entered the room and stopped her. The next day she was taken to
prison and to a trial. Everybody looked at her strangely, with hate, and horror.

She began to defend herself telling the jury what she thought from the position of man
during that time. Telling that the word master is used to describe the "man of the house"
who controlled over the others, abusing them physically and mentally, quoting a example in
poem "Slavery" that pronounced the phrase in line 38:

"Your sum of glory boasts a like amount"

what it is even worst is that during that time to hit a woman or treat slaves like animals
it was as normal as now a days a woman getting divorce in others word it was permitted by
the law, a perfect example is line 6, in the poem "To the ladies":
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