Princeton Acceptance Essay Essay

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Princeton Acceptance Essay

A creek is no place for shoes. I think itís unreasonable to ask such children to keep
their shoes on in such a place. My bare feet were always covered with calluses from
walking down the rough pavement of Pine Street and around the corner, past the tall oaks,
but not as far as the Lindsayís squeaky old swing-set. It was hard to see from the road,
and as far as I could tell, nobody ever went there, except for me. Large pines nearby
stood tall and erect, looking down at the ripples and currents that nudged each other
about playfully, like children in the back seat of a car on a long drive. Stones and
pebbles lined the shallow bottom and allowed the water to glide in creative patterns over
their smooth surfaces. Larger, moss covered rocks dotted the back and provided ideal
spots for a child to sit around watch and wonder.

The creek taught me things; it was my mentor. Once I discovered tadpoles in several of
the many eddies and stagnant pools that lined the small rivulet. A cupped hand and a
cleaned-out mayonnaise jar aided me in clumsily scooped up some of the more slothful
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