Prisoner at war Essay

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prisoner at war

Prisoner at War

This is the Story of Richard Allen Stratton. It is about his six year experience in the
North Vietnamese prisoner camp system. He was a fighter pilot in the Navy. Thirty five
years old and received the nickname the "Beak" due to his unique nose. He was shot down
off the shore of Thanh Hoa on January 5, 1967. He was brought through country side to a
prisoner camp. During interrogations he was severely beaten and punished. Stratton
received just about as much pain as he could take before he told them any information.

One of the most infamous things that Stratton took apart in was a press conference in
which a self confession that he was coerced in making was played, and Stratton also had to
bow to the audience who was there. Stratton was not liked in many of the camps by the
other prisoners due to the fact that he gave in and shared information. Yet he was not
the only one. Stratton also was part of a large communications network that was formed
inside the POW camps. POW camps gradually got better, but when he first was captured they
were at there worst. On March 4, 1973 Stratton was finally released.
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