Private vs public Essay

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private vs public

Michael Tousignant
Marketing 1A

Public VS Private

In today’s world people have many different view’s on which would be better for their
children. Would the public school environment help broaden my child’s social skills and
give him a better view on the real world? Is the education as good as it is at private
schools and will my child excel more in the sports programs? Do I have the money to send
my child to a private school? These are a few questions parents ask themselves before
they make the decision whether or not to send their children to a private school or a
public school. The decision is also made on the basis of their family religion or if
their family has a tradition to going to a certain private school. With all these
different questions and ideas the parents are faced with, it usually just comes down to a
financial situation.

Making this decision is hard for some people but many people already have their mind set
before it is even time to send their children to school. Lets start by discussing
benefits you get by going to a public school. Public schools for the most part have a lot
more students and these students all come from different backgrounds and do a lot of
different things. They have the choice whether or not they want to participate in sports
and after school clubs. They choose what they want to wear to school and what crowd they
want to hang out in, in high school that is a can be a big placement in where you stand
academically and athletically, but it is your choice, which is a plus. Also, going to a
public school usually means the rules aren’t going to be as strict and if you do break
them the penalty is usually pretty soft.

In a private school situation, parents send their children there to get a better education
thinking they’re going to excel much further in life than those students of public
schools. Private schools are a plus in many ways, especially in the long run. Students
at private school, usually wear uniforms, which dissolute all bias between the students
when it comes to wearing what’s cool and/or in style. Which in a way is a good thing
because teenagers can be real cruel when it comes to petty things like that. The rules at
private schools are a lot stricter, in a way it’s difficult at the time because the
students don’t have as much freedom but it will keep them out of trouble in the long run.
The classrooms are smaller so the student teacher ratio is a lot better, the benefit is
this, there is more student-teacher communication, so when a student falls behind or needs
help it gives them better chances to understand the curriculum with a smaller classroom.
Also, since there is a lesser amount of students at private school it gives them the
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