Process Analysis Essay Essay

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Process Analysis Essay

Planning a Party

The process of planning a party takes a lot of time and focus to get every detail covered.
First of all, you must decide where you will have the party, maybe a club house or your
own home. When you have that decided then there are several other steps you must take in
order for your party to be successful.

You have decided on a location, and now it is time to make a list of the people who will
be attending. Make a list of everyone you want to attend and do not forget their family
members who may come with them. You may want to allow everyone to bring a friend if they
are single, or you suspect they will come alone. Fill out your invitations and get them in
the mail at least two weeks before your event. Now you are ready to get down to the
details of the party.

It is always a good idea to get with someone close to you to get advice on how you will
decorate; what kind of food; and what games, etc. Be aware that sometimes the advice you
get may not be what you want to hear, so you might want to warn the person up front that
you are just getting advice, and that you may or may not use it. I have found when
planning a party, people I seek advice from often get the idea they are taking over which
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