Procrastination: Should I Do it now, or wait till Essay

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Procrastination: Should I Do it now, or wait till later?

Should I do it now or wait till later?
Every person has their own style or way they accomplish doing work. Many
feel the need to begin working on an assignment right when they get it. While others
procrastinate and do not complete the assignment until right before it is due. There are
many different attitudes that one may have when dealing with work. Everyone accomplishes
work in their own way. Many feel the need to do their work right away, while some
procrastinate to finish their work

While looking at the way a person completes their work, there is the issue of revision.
Some may believe that if one does their work right away, there is a higher quality of
revision, resulting in higher quality work. This may be thought true because it gives the
person more time to look over their work and revise it. Also, it allows one extra time to
get help with the structure of their paper, project, presentation, etc. Even though all
these points may be seemingly true, many people wait until the last minute to complete
their work. Procrastination is seen most when revising work. People often miss mistakes
that they might have seen if they had not procrastinated. When cutting the time, people
often rush and make many mistakes that they would not have if they had the proper time.
While revising, they still have fresh in their mind what the project or paper should look
like, and see it how they think it should be. This in turn, makes them miss mistakes they
might have seen if they had the appropriate amount of time to properly revise. Many argue
the issue of the quality of work when comparing those who do things right away and those
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