Propaganda And Censorship

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Propaganda and Censorship

Propaganda and Censorship

The Nazi=s used many different types of propaganda and used various methods to censor. These included, the press, the radio, loud speakers, books, theatre, art and music, rallies and campaigns and films.
In the press non﷓Nazi newspapers and magazines were closed down and taken over.
Goebbels also told editors what they could and could not print.
All of the radio stations were placed under Nazi control and cheap mass﷓produced radios were sold. These radios were even installed in cafes and factories.
Loud speakers were placed in the streets to broadcasts speeches by Hitler and broadcast pro﷓Nazi plays and stories.
In the cultural side of things, many writers, artists and composers were persuaded or forced to create works in praise of Hitler and the Third Reich. All journalists were banned and thousand of Jewish or anti Nazi books were destroyed in public book burnings, 1933.
Jazz music was banned because it was organised and mainly played by black people. Many modern arts were declared *degenerate= and art galleries were forced to get rid of it.
Rallies and Campaigns took place. There were annual mass rallies at Nuremberg and In 1936 there was and

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