Pros And Cons Of Genetic Alteration

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Pros and cons of genetic alteration

Do you want to be exceptionally good at sports? Excluding the fact that you may be naturally gifted and/or you have trained for sports most extensively, but imagine becoming far better than everyone else without making any effort. If so, genetic alteration is already considered a “cheat” in the game of life.

In the Keeper of the Isis Light, Guardian has surgically and genetically modified Olwen to make her stronger and more adapted to planet Isis. Basically genetic alternation would involve manipulating genes in DNA in human to create satisfactory effect, preferably stronger and healthier body. In reality the technology is still in its infancy, we still have to figure out which gene is responsible for what and the possible side effects. It is a very controversial issue.

Genetic alteration is supported by many people as many often think of human enhancements. In the book, Guardian thickened Olwen’s skin so that it would be opaque to the ultra-violet rays, gave her an extra eyelid to protect her eyes from Ra, deepened her ribcage and extended her vascular system so that she can store much more oxygen at each breath, and widened her nostrils to help her breath more fully. Also he strengthened her ankles and thickened her fingernails to help her climb. These modifications proved to be crucial in Olwen’s survival and freedom, and no doubt it will be helpful when we can set foot on Mars. In the field of treating diseases created by genetic disorder, such as cancer and downs syndrome, genetic alteration can put an end to those and save millions of lives. And for those who wish for the same kind of physical, mental or maybe even emotional improvements that Olwen got, unfortunately only time can ripen perfection in this tricky procedure. Then all of us might be smart and equal.

Prior to the mastering of that kind of technology, there are opp

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