Essay on Prozac

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Rob Moore
Tiffany Winman
Prozac: For Better or Worse

In 1987, Eli Lilly unleashed his new super drug for depression, a selective serotonin
re-uptake inhibitor (SSRI), fluoxetine, commonly known as Prozac on the world. Since its
release, Prozac has been used by more than twenty million people worldwide. At first it was
received as the great cure, a drug that achieved huge success in a short time with few side-effects;
however, in the last few years many questions and doubts have surfaced. The benefits of Prozac
put forth a very good argument for the drug, now used as a solution for weight problems,
premature ejaculation, and insomnia as well as for depression. Many people though, do
experience side effects such as nausea, diarrhea, and sexual difficulties. With new applications
and problems being discovered all the time, patients are left wondering, is Prozac solving
problems, or causing them?
Prozac, originally produced solely to cure depression has in its few years on the market
found numerous other benefits. Many occurrences associated with the use of Prozac, originally
deemed side effects have since become uses for the drug. Delayed orgasms were first seen as a
harmful side effect of Prozac, recently however doctors have began prescribing Prozac for men
suffering from premature ejaculation. Weight loss, also originally seen as a harmful side effect,
has since become one of the many reasons to be prescribed the drug. Many people when put on
the drug reported a fair amount of weight loss. Although for some patients this may be an
undesirable effect it has been found to be very effective for some people with eating disorders.
Still another use that began as a side effect is for migraine headaches, even though it is one
of the more frequently reported side effects to Prozac. “At least one controlled study (Adly et al,
Headache, Feb. 1992) showed that Fluoxetine was safe and effective in preventing migraine.”
(Prozac and Migraine) Prozac truly plays ball from both sides of the court. What one patient
tells their doctor is a side effect another patient tells their doctor is a benefit.
Some of the benefits to Prozac are not effective with all patients. Although it is now one
of its uses , Prozac is not effective with all people attempting to lose weight. Others have in fact
reported weight gain. One Prozac user stated, “My distinct impression was that my metabolism
(usually fairly sturdy) slowed up, and I didn’t care enough to cut back on food.” (Banishing the
Cream-n-Green Bullets) In this man’s case though, he doesn’t blame Prozac directly for the
weight gain per say, so much as for cutting back his overall drive.
There are many drawbacks or negative side effects to Prozac. Of the side effects reported
harmful, the most common are nausea, headaches, diarrhea, insomnia, and sexual difficulties.
Although some more severe side effects like suicide have been associated to Prozac by some
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