PSTN Essay

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The US Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), is very possibly the largest distributed
system in existence. Most telephone switching networks does the same basic thing as the
PSTN by going by a simple procedure: It basically connects point A to point B. Even
though this seems like a very simple thing to do it is not always the easiest. The US PSTN
requires some of the most complex computing systems in existence. Software for each
switch might have several million lines of code, even if it has not many features.

PSTN is the world’s collection of the Interconnected voice-oriented public telephone
networks. PSTN is both commercial and publicly owned. It is also said to be the plain
old telephone service. It is the same thing as the telephone networks that came from the
days of Alexander Graham Bell who started the whole telephone thing off. Now it is almost
all digital in technology except the central telephone office which to the user

The PSDN has thousands of switches. Switches have lots of redundant hardware and a lot of
self-checking and recovery software. For many decades, AT&T has expected its switches too
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