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Psych today

Bly and the Organizational Model Caucasian
In the Bly Colloquium book there are case studies done by Paul Monkowski and Jack
Phillips. There is a boy who has issues with substance abuse and depression. He is really
worrying about his mother who has multiple sclerosis and whether he can take care of her,
and who will take care of him if she dies. He would not fit into the organization as a
team player.

The evolving Metaphors of Organizational Life for the New Millennium by mark Warford.
This relates Bly’s theory that the patriarchal society is dwindling. This also
translates into organizations where they are being viewed more metaphorically than in the
traditional bureaucracy and hierarchy. In the typical patriarchial hierarchy, it is
difficult for people to find personal growth. There is a lot of conformity. The systems
of control are outdated and communications are blocked. It is not a flexible system, and
new ideas are not incorporated very well.

The speech about Frank Sinatra talks about how he never really grew up. In the beginning
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