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Psychology is the study of how human beings and animals sense, think, learn and know.
Psychology is a science based on observations and theories. Modern psychology is the
collecting of facts and turning them into psychological theories to explain people's
behavior and sometimes to predict and influence their future behavior. Psychology, in the
past, has been assumed to have clear sub-fields (headings). Although there are many
differences between the different classifications of psychology, they are interrelated and
frequently overlap. I will mainly be focusing on Environmental Psychology and Phobias
although I will touch on other aspects of psychology.

Many of the theories in social psychology can fundamentally be classified as balanced
theories. "These relate to the problem, of both practical and theoretical importance," of
how and why people change their attitudes. For example, if you hear a speech from a friend
or someone you admire and trust you expect to hear things that you would agree with. If
that is not the case, one of two likely outcomes can happen. Either the listener will lose
some of the respect they originally had for the speaker or he will be overwhelmed by the
trust he has in the speaker and change his own thoughts to adapt to the speaker's views.
Thus, the listener will bring his attitudes toward the speaker and toward putting the
ideas into balance. "People tend to try to balance, or reconcile, their own ideas with
their actions. Social psychology also deals with mass behavior."

Industrial Psychology is the study of behavior in the work place. Industrial
psychologists can have many different jobs all associated with the work place. There jobs
range from adapting the office to be more suitable and delightful for the workers, to
deciding whether the employees should be hired (through testing and interviewing, in
developing training programs), to maintaining good employee relations and communications.

Environmental Psychology investigates the interrelationship between environments and human
behavior. The environment play's remarkable roles in the way humans act. In Environmental
Psychology the term "Environment" is used in a very broad way. It refers to the all that
is natural as well as social settings, built environments, learning environments, and
informational environments. I have decided to examine the way living in a world with no
forests or parks would affects Humans.

I have gathered quiet a lot of information form my own childhood. I will never forget the
great role nature played in my life as a young child. So many of my childhood games
took-place in trees. My family and I always would take walks in the forest. I was so
captivated by the majestic forest. There was something that seemed to be magical about
the forest when I was small. When I was young I believed that the source of all the
animals was the forest. I absolutely loved animals so I automatically loved the forest.
When I first heard about the forest being cut down I got extremely scared because I though
that all the animals would die. Later when I learnt that oxygen comes from trees I got so
scared that I thought I was going to die.

If I were a child living in a world with no greenery I would feel terrible. I would hate
to never be able to go for a walk in a forest or a park. We now have Zoos for animals. If
the world's timberland and greenery were to start vanishing as rapidly as some of the
endangered animals we would probably start having zoos for plants and even trees. The only
problem with me giving my point of view is that I have grown up with the forest and
greenery. I am sure that every one would love to have had the opportunity to live with
forest and greenery but for someone who has never seen or lived with forest and greenery
he or she would not miss it. It is the same for dodo birds and us. I would have loved to
see a dodo bird but I can not miss it.

When you think about it from our point of view it would be terrible not to have forest and
greenery, but you can not miss something you have never experienced. The people of the
future might really want to have lived with forest and greenery and they might even be mad
at us for ruining everything, but I believe it can only go to a certain extent. Most of
the people probably would not know there was something to miss. There are so many animals
that are now extinct that we have never heard of. Some people even today have no care for
the future of the animals and the world.

Environmental Psychology is the study of human behavior according to the environment that
surrounds him. From this study many believe that it is accurate enough to try and to
predict what would happen if the environment changed. Once again this psychology is also
based on observations and theories.

What is a Phobia? Sometimes people misconstrue phobias with anxiety or conjoin the two
problems together as a single state of being. Nonetheless, such assumptions are not
valid. Phobias are unreasonable and persistent fears that focus on a specific object,
animal, activity, or situation. They are produced in reaction to stress.

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