PTSD Essay

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Anyone can develop anxiety from experience and then from this they illness they form is
post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)—once called shell shock. It affects hundreds of
thousands of people who have survived earthquakes, airplane crashes, terrorist bombings,
inner-city violence, domestic abuse, rape, war, genocide, and other disasters, both
natural and human made. PTSD has been called shell shock or battle fatigue syndrome. It
has often been misunderstood or misdiagnosed, even though the disorder has very specific
symptoms. Most people who end up forming this disorder have it for the rest of their lives
unless medicated or overcome their anxiety, they will never get rid of it.

Ten percent of the population has been affected at some point by clinically diagnosable
PTSD. Everyday more people show some symptoms of the disorder. Although it was once
thought to be mostly a disorder of war veterans who had been involved in heavy combat,
researchers now know that PTSD also affects both female and male civilians, and that it
strikes more females than males. In some cases the symptoms of PTSD disappear with time,
whereas in others they persist for many years. PTSD often occurs with, or leads, to other
psychiatric illnesses, such as depression. Everyone who experiences trauma does not
require treatment; some recover with the help of family, friends, or religion. But many do
need professional treatment to recover from the psychological damage that can result from
experiencing, witnessing, or participating in an overwhelmingly traumatic event.

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