Public Television Americas Endangered Asset Essay

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Public Television Americas Endangered Asset

merica," saw funding for public broadcasting as an easy target for spending cuts. He
stated that one reason to cut funding of public broadcasting is because its programming is
elitist. He argued that programming like ballet and opera found on pubic television serves
only the upper class. one of his fellow Republicans have joined him in this attack on the
Public Broadcasting Service. They argue that public television, which supposedly served
only this small group of people, should not have to edpend on the federal government for
funding. The Public Broadcasting Service sould become more independent be capitalizing on
the popularity of some of its programs such as "Barney" and Ken Burns's "Civil War." PBS
could also also sell argrment aginst government funding for public broadcasting is that
the government simply canot afford it. With the rising cost of Medicare and other social
services, public broadcasting is viewed by many politicians as an unnecessary expense.

Although these arguments aginst government funding for public broadcasting are convincing,
the benefits of supporting public broadcasting far outweigh its costs. One major benefit
of public broadcasting is the fact that all people who own a television can enjoy its free
service. Contrary to Newt Gingrich,s belief, public broadcasting is not elitist. Public
television takes ballet and opera to rural areas which would otherwise never be exposed to
such things. Thanks to the Public Broadcasting Service, everyon can become interested in
the arts, regardless of income or social status. Public television offers programs geared
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