Pulled over Essay

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pulled over

Pulled Over

“Come on Eric do it, come one man show it to us,” Vishal said.
“Eric will you do it for me,” Lynne asked.
They were trying to get Eric, Eric Skrout, to show them the Britney Spears dance he has
learned. Eric Skrout, Lynne Jennings, Mike Gravas, and Vishal Patel were all going home.
Vishal was driving all of them home and was going down Mentor Avenue. Eric was sitting in
the front passengers seat, while the two love birds, Mike and Lynne, were sitting in the
back seat. All of them were having fun from the looks of it. Towards the end of Mentor
Avenue and 306 Vishal slowed down at a green light.

Mike said, ‘why are you slowing down it’s a green light.”
Vishal replied, “ I don’t want to get hit when I make the turn. There are a lot of crazy drivers out there.”
Vishal mad the turn and mike said there’s a cop behind us. Soon as he said that and
Vishal looked in the rear view mirror the cop had his lights on, and was pulling the over.

Vishal said, “ why is he pulling us over?”
Vishal and his friends were pondering why he was pulled over. By that time the cop was at
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