Punishment Essay

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When someone does something against the law they have committed a crime. They then have to
be punished. The law decides the punishment. Individuals and the community decide the law.

Crime is one of the biggest problems in the world today. It is an issue that has been
debated for many years. Plenty of ‘solutions’ have been found but none that actually work
or have worked.

Ever since people have lived in groups there have even rules and laws to tell them how to
behave and punishments for people who break the law. As time has gone by, these
punishments have changed to suit our changing society. What has changed in our society is
people therefore the impact of the community on law and punishment is great.

People don’t always agree with each other, so every society or group has its own system of
laws and rules, to protect the lives and property of its members. Some people are given
the privileged power to make sure these rules and laws aren’t broken and to punish anyone
who does.

Even though criminals are punished for their crimes there is little evidence that these
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