Querencia Essay

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When I think of the place that I am most comfortable, relaxed, and in my element I think
of the "Great Outdoors". I really like being out in the woods or on some trail just being
part of nature. When I am outdoors I have a feeling of oneness with nature a feeling that
I can not get anywhere else. Oneness with nature I think is one of the most important
things that people need these days, to get away from everyday life and just get out away
from computers, cell phones, cars and all of the other everyday luxuries that we always
take for granted. When you go out on a hike, or Alpine, and Nordic skiing you get a
feeling of being one with nature. As you experience the solitude it helps you to
appreciate the simple things in life and realize that nature was the beginning of it all.
When the first people came to America they did not have trains, cars, and airplanes. They
did not have the luxury of phones or modern housing, or furniture they lived off the land
and made their houses from logs and carried their messages by horse. As a society I think
that we take nature for granted and we do not see the things that nature brings like clean
air, or fresh water, or food.

When I am outdoors I get that special feeling of solitude and it really helps me to sort
things out, to just sit down and think. When I go out to camp in some secluded place and
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