Quest for fire Essay

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quest for fire

Quest for Fire

This story happens 80,000 years ago when our ancestors first discovered the power of fire,
but did not know how to master it.

One day, a peaceful tribe is attacked by apes and wolves. Many die in the fighting and the
tribe is forced to leave their territory. They move to a small island, and on their way,
they lose their treasure—fire. Fire to them is like the door to a house. Without the
door, the house will not collapse. But when a robber comes, the house has no protection.
Without fire, men can live, but they lose their most powerful weapon when they are
attacked. Thus, the tribe is in a great danger. An attack of wolves or other beasts can
easily kill them. Because they don't know how to make fire, they send out three members
of the tribe to look for fire.

On their way, they save a girl but she runs away later. Then the three men are captured by
another more advanced tribe (everyone in the area seems to be evolving at a different
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