R.F. Insurance Essay

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R.F. Insurance

R.F. Insurance is a commercial insurance company based on the east coast. In 1984, a group
of graduate students were given a project to asses job design, career development, and job
motivation in a particular district office of R.F. Insurance. The findings of this group
despite the limited number of respondents permitted to take the student's survey are more
or else what can be expected given the circumstances surrounding employment at R.F.

The district office operates under the control of the district office manager who is
essentially in charge of a sales team, claim adjusters, several office clerks, and one
loss prevention engineer. The sales team is in charge setting up the appropriate account
for the customers need and finishing the sale. Information about the customer is provided
by the loss prevention engineer who meets with clients and helps to evaluate the risk of
insuring a potential client. Once the sale is completed the district manager assigns the
policy to one of the claims adjusters based on the complexity or importance of the policy
and policy holder. From this point on till the policy is cancelled, the claims adjuster
will handle ever aspect of customer service associated with the insurance policy. The rest
of the paperwork, filing, and processing is handled by the clerks of the office. Each
clerk has specific tasks and is responsible for filling out a daily work sheet which the
lead clerk collects and creates a weekly report on their work.

When the team of graduate students began their analysis they did so under the agreement
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