Racism In America

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Racism in America


If someone asked you what it would be like to live in a
perfect world, how would you reply? Many people might say
something like, “A place without and arguments or fighting.”
Others might say “A place where there is not pollution.” But,
has anyone one ever thought to say, “A place without racism.”?
For some Americans, racism has never even crossed their
minds. For others, it is something they have to live with
everyday. In some societies in America, racism isn’t even a
factor, all citizens of the community get along. But, in other
societies, racism is a case that could be life threatening.
Racism, in definition, is “the belief that humanity is
divided into stratified genetically different socks called races;
according to it’s adherent’s racial differences make one group
superior to another.” (Ethics; Walker, Randolph Meade, 722)
If you are a racist, you believe in racism. Racists will often
claim that members of their own race or minority are
“mentally, physically, morally and/or culturally superior to
those of other races.” (The World Book Encyclopedia;
Pettigrew, Thomas F., 62) For these reasons, many racists
think they deserve special rights or privileges.
The Bill of Rights was written a little under 200 years
ago, yet controlling racism in America is still a task no one can
seem to over take. In South Carolina, a Confederate flag still
waves high over the capitol for everyone to see. Is the kind of
example we want to set for the youth of America?
To people in Europe, Asia, and on other continents,
America is a wonderful place to live. It has been said to be “one
of the greatest nations on earth.” (Nova; Marshall,
Christopher) Yet, our struggle to regulate all of our citizens is
a revolutionary war that has yet to and probably will never be
Slavery is said to be one of the greatest racial tragedies to
ever happen in America. Upon the entrance of this new
millenium, slavery and racism is still practiced in America.
White Americans have their forefathers to blame for the
hatred and anger they have in their hearts concerning races
different from theirs. What is said to be “the God-given right to
equality and ultimate freedom” (Nova; Marshall, Christopher)
has been crushed for many, by the uncited ignorance of my
‘finely’ educated people. Racists often need someone to blame
for the wrong-doings, hatred and stupidity in America. Who

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