Racism in Heart of Darkness Paper

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Racism in Heart of Darkness

What is racism? Racism can be defined as - "The belief that race accounts for differences
in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others." Racism
occurs when a racist group finds it necessary to put down other ethnic groups in an
attempt to strengthen their own. A very strong racist comment or action might make the
other group feel hurtful, degrading, humiliating. The novel, "Heart of darkness", written
by Joseph Conrad provides such instances which are racist and biased against the people
living in Africa.

Heart of Darkness is a story in which racism presents itself so deliberately that, for
many, the dilemma of race must be tackled before anything else in the book may be dealt
with. Conrad used derogatory, outdated and offensive terminology for devaluation of
people's color as savages. This use of language disturbs many readers who read this book.

Although Conrad uses racist language in this book, it doesn't mean that he is really
racist. When we look at the language, we are just looking at the very surface of the
story. Heart of Darkness is a story full of irony and deception. At one point, Conrad made
a very interesting point. He suggested that the light is used to indicate deceit in Heart
of Darkness.

Conrad uses the character of Marlow to make use of his own thoughts and views about the
people in the Congo. He feels pity for them as he sees them falling down carrying heavy
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