Racism2 Essay

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This may sound like a stupid or uneducated question, but not if you really think about it.
Is racism discrimination or is it any decision based on race? One might lean towards the
latter, even though some don't.

I personally would define racism as a decision based on race. So did most of America in
recent polls. But this would make affirmative action unethical. When America was polled on
whether or not they wanted to destroy affirmative action they said they would not. This
makes it seem as if either America doesn't truly know what racism is or is superficial.

I would like to believe that people wouldn't say something they aren't willing to back up
with actions but this could be true. To everyone who reads this, before you preach about
what racism is or isn't think about what you would do & why. If you believe racism is any
decision based on race, be it preferential or discriminatory, then be willing to follow

This means you don't support affirmative action or any support given to one on the base of
race. No charities, scholorships, race based schools or churches. If you think racism is
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