Racist people Essay

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racist people

The topic of my thought paper is Discrimination, from what I know and read discrimination is
every were you go I think that discrimination is not good because every person has the right to
do what they want to do, and they should not be discriminated because of race, or gender. Even
though Americans in this country have their freedom, discrimination still exists, and it takes away
the freedom from everyone in this country Fore example when you go to a store and the people
ther don't like the way you are dressing they think you are ther to steal they follow you around
other people see you being followed and they also think you are stealing.
At the beginning of this course we learned that every social problem is connected to each
other and it is impacted by other problems we face, that is why discrimination occurs because it is
connected to other social problems if ther would not be Racism their would be less discrimination
on certain ethnic groups their is allot of different types of discrimination their is Race, Religion,
Color, Sex. every thing or even every one is now separated in diferent types of societies or what
ever you want to call it I think we are all the same and should be treated the same. This is a
problem every wher in the world this hapends some times Discrimination
In Conclusion of my Thought paper I think that we should really think of a way of how to
get rid of these social problems Discrimination should not be happening Racism should also not be
occurring all of these problems have an answer but we Ned to look for it we as a society can find
a way of how not to have these problems then we could live in a much more safer place than the
one we are living in right know.

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