Rainy Mountain Essay

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rainy Mountain

Lewis Meyers

Summary of “ The Way To Rainy Mountain “ ( Momaday p. 430 )
Momaday, tells the story of his grandmother and how she evolved from a land
of her ancestry. She, being one of the few “belonging to the last culture to
evolve in North America” (431). In a descriptive detail, Momaday, portraits
the events that takes us on a journey through time before our modernized
society had come into existence. A time of survival, rituals, suffering, and
extinction. He starts out by setting the scenery of the place where his
grandmother lived. A somewhat rigid area of the Southern Plains, where the
seasons were of raging intensity. A place in time occupied by his grandmothers
people, the Kiowas. A very “lordly and dangerous society of fighters and
thieves, hunters and priest of the sun” (431). They had descended down out of
Montana, and “war was their sacred business, and they were the finest
horseman the world has ever known” (430). But as time had evolved into the
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