Raisin in the son Essay

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Raisin in the son

Reflection Paper

Spelman’s Department of Drama and Dance did an excellent job of performing Lorraine
Hansberry’s “A Raisin In the Sun”. This play tackles several issues, such as racism,
poverty, and manhood. I feel as though the actors portrayed their characters
wonderfully. The actors that played small yet comical parts, Joseph Asagai, and George
Murchison added a new humor to their roles. However I particularly commend the actors and
actresses that played the major roles. The Characters of Lena, Beneatha, Ruth, and Walter
Lee Younger, were played with great success. Each of these characters had emotional
scenes that reached out to the majority of the audience. One of scenes that particularly
touched me was when Ruth found out the family was moving. She explained how excited she
would be to finally get out of their rathole of a home. That scene reminded me of how
bad housing was for my parents and grandparents. I felt the same way when Ruth heard that
they weren’t moving for the first time and she realized that she may have to stay. My
favorite scene in the play concerns the issue of Walter Lee Younger’s manhood. When he
found out he had lost his family’s money and his family was looking down on him. I
thought this scene is extremely important to all young black males. I understood him
trying to make important decisions for his family and all decisions are not always
correct. This scene was even more important because of the fact that all the money was
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