Ramses the second Essay

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ramses the second

From gathered sources and facts ramses the second is suggested to be the greatest builder
as well as ruler of all Egyptian history. His works remain unsurpassed when compared to
other works of the same era. The rule of Ramses the second commenced in 1304 BC, becoming
the 3rd pharaoh of the 19 dynasty. There are many faults in his reign, but also very
notable positive things.

Ramses fought in many battles during his rule over Egypt. He enlarged his territory
further into Africa, south into Nubia as well as giving Egypt more prowess against the
Libyans. He also conquered Asia Minor. (Ramses).

Ramses considered one battle against the Hittites to be his greatest. He told of being
left behind by most if his troop as the enemy was bearing down on him:

Then the king he lashed each horse,
And they quickened up their course,
And he dashed into the middle of the hostile, Hittite host,
All alone, none other with him, for he counted not the cost.
Then he looked behind, and found
That the foe were all around,
Two thousand and five hundred of their chariots of war;
And the flower of the Hittites, and their helpers, in a ring---
Men of Masu, Keshkesh, Pidasa, Malunna, Arathu,
Qazauadana, Kadesh, Akerith, Leka and Khilibu---
Cut off the way behind,
Retreat he could not find;
There were three men on each car,
And they gathered all together, and closed upon the king.
"Yea, and not one of my princes, of my chief men and my great,
Was with me, not a captain, not a knight;
For my warriors and chariots had left me to my fate,
Not one was there to take his part in fight." (Battle).

Ramses II is, however, best known for all the buildings and monuments he had constructed
in his name across the country. Especially the monumental temples of Karnak (near Luxor)
and Abu Simbel (in the south of the country in so-called Nubia) and his mortuary temple
The Ramesseum (on the West Bank near Luxor) give evidence of his love for fame. In all of
his monuments he had his name and texts engraved so deep that no one would be able to
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