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Here is a number for you: 354,670. That is the number of women that were raped in 1995
(RAINN 1). That is equivalent of one woman being raped every two minutes (RAINN 1). Want
more numbers? "In the last two years, more than 787,000 women were the victim of a rape or
sexual assault" (RAINN 1). And one more statistic that might get your attention is that
only 37% of rapes are reported to the authorities (RAINN 2). Fortunately, there are ways
to drastically reduce these numbers. For starters women need to know what constitutes
rape. Second women need to know how to prevent rape before it starts, and lastly women
need to know what to do if they are raped. According to the book Our Bodies Our Selves,
rape is defined as "…any kind of sexual activity committed against a woman's will"
(Avery 135). When a person says the word "rape", people automatically think of a stranger
jumping out of the bushes or chasing you down an ally. But, the most common form of rape
is called acquaintance rape or date rape. Acquaintance rape is defined as "forced,
manipulated or coerced sexual contact by someone you know" (gopher.uchicago 1).
Acquaintance rape can occur by "someone you have just met, or dated a few times, or even
with someone to whom you are engaged" (Hughes 1). Acquaintance rape accounts for about 60%
of all rapes reported (Hughes 1). According to Hughes, date rape usually occurs when a man
and a woman are alone whether in a car or at home (2). Also drugs and alcohol sometimes
play an important factor in date rape. "Many victims say later that they drank too much or
took too many drugs to realize what was going on by the time ! they realized their
predicament, it was too later" (Hughes 2). Another reason acquaintance rape occurs is
mixed signals. For example, the woman acts friendly "…the man interprets this
friendliness as an invitation to have sex" and when a woman says "no" she means "maybe"
(Hughes 2). The reason that men do this is because they are taught to be aggressive and
controlling at an early age. Men need to realize that this attitude can lead to date rape
and should not look at women as sex objects. Women need to be aware of men like this to
prevent being raped. Since acquaintance rape and stranger rape can occur at any time,
women should know how to prevent rape before it starts. There are many steps you can take
to prevent being raped. The first step is to be psychologically prepared. Women must
accept the fact that they are a potential rape victim (ncf.carleton 1). The second step is
to be aware of community rape prevention and counseling. The third psychological step is
to recognize the locations and situations where rape is more likely to occur, and avoid
them. After being psychologically prepared women must know what to do in each of the
following situations: in your car, on the street, and in your home. When you are in your
car you should follow these instructions (ncf.carleton 2). 1. Keep windows and doors
locked 2. If you should be followed into your driveway, stay in your car with the doors
locked. Sound horn to get the attention of neighbors or scare the other driver off. 3.
When parking at night, select a place that will be well lit when returning to the car. 4.
Always make sure the car is locked, and have the keys ready when returning to the car. 5.
Check interior of car before getting in. The following information will be useful when you
are on the street. 1. Be observant of things around you. If someone is following you, go
to the nearest house or store. 2. Walk near the curb and avoid passing close to shrubbery,
dark doorways and other places of concealment. 3. DO NOT HITCHHIKE. 4. Avoid short cuts
through parking lots and alleys. 5. Walk with a friend if at all possible. Don't walk
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