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Rational thinking

The Change in Rational Thinking Before 1750

The idea of rational thinking has been debated ever since the beginning of human
existence. As humans we base what we think on what we know, during the 1600's if a person
was black than they must have been inferior. This thinking seemed "rational" to the
people of this period because they didn't know any better. The concept of rationality
throughout time has always been a matter of perspective. If you are taught from birth
that black people are inferior and grow-up with this idea in your head than you have no
other basis for how you perceive someone with a skin color other than yourself.

If we think about it, before 1650 belief was all that was needed when there was an
argument about religion. People listened to what the Pope had to say because he was
thought to be an extenuation of God, and whatever he preached was obviously true. Today
we look at that behavior and laugh, if even half of the rationalism that was applied 350
years ago was applied today in some religions, no one would enter into them.

It is good to know that through research by men like Aristotle, who determined that the
earth is round, someone like Copernicus can learn that the earth is not only orbiting like
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