Raving Fans A revolutionary Approach to Customer S Essay

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Raving Fans A revolutionary Approach to Customer Service

Raving Fans: A Revolutionary Approach to Customer Service


Today’s organizations fail to realize the value of their customers when it comes to
the success of their business. Without customer loyalty the success of your business will
always be uncertain. Organizations must sensitively tailor the designs of a successful
firm to the particular challenges of understanding, attracting, and keeping valuable
customers. “Having satisfied customers just aren’t good enough”.
Kenneth Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles, co-authors of Raving Fans, believe this concept is
needed to have a successful business. I agree with this concept of customers being the
focal point of any business. I would want more than just a satisfied customer; I want a
“Raving Fan”. Raving fans are invaluable to the success of any business.
Blanchard and Bowles explain how to get past the level of satisfied customers and achieve
raving fans. The book refers to what I call the three D’s as the three secrets to
raving fans; Decide what you want, Discover what the customer wants, Deliver the vision
plus one percent. When establishing “Raving Fans” you will understand the
needs of the customers, do what it takes to attract customers, and go a little above and
beyond to keep those valuable customers. This, in turn, will keep your business

Decide What You Want
Decide what you want and envision it. Create your vision of perfection centered on the
customer. You first must have your own vision to be able to give value to the
customers’ vision.

“The customer’s vision has meaning only in the context of your vision”.
Discover What the Customer Wants
After creating your vision, try to discover what the customer wants or what their vision
is. The customer will focus on just one or two things and it will be up to you to fill in
the gap

with your vision. You will then pick and choose which ideas you want to use to complete
or build up your vision. Not every idea of the customer will be used or has to be used.
Some ideas may not be feasible or even applicable to what you have envisioned.

Deliver the Vision Plus One Percent
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