Reason students should not be permitted to drop ou Essay

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reason students should not be permitted to drop out of school

Students should not be permitted to drop out of school because it will be hardr for them
to get good paying jobs.Students may not be able to enter college.The crime rate can

It may be harder for dropout students to get jobs than for students with high school diplomas.Nowadays,
students are required to have good skills in order to get god paying jobs.The only way
they can get those skills is by staying in school and getting a diploma to prove they have
aquired the skills they need for the job.

Without a high school diploma a person can not enter college to get a degree for a better
job.Students can not go to any college because they don not have a diploma.Therefore,they
should get their GED by going to night school.For this reason high school dropouts are not
able to enter college.

There may be more crime if students dropout they will be in the streets hanging
out.Also,they may be turning to drugs and if they do not have the money to support their
habit,they can commit other crimes such as robbery,assault or even murder.THey may live on
the streets and they can get money by stealing to get drugs.

For this reason,I say that students should not be allowe to dropout of high school.It ay
be harder for them to find a good job.They can not enter college without a high school
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