Red Adair Essay

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Red Adair

Intro - "I've done made a deal with the devil. He said he's going to give me an
air-conditioned place when I go down there, if I go there, so I won't put all the fires
out." A genuine American hero, Red Adair fought the most terrifying force of nature all
over the world for more than 50 years. The oil fires were so hot they melt nearby cars and
could roast a man in an instant. Red Adair was an innovator in the development of new
fire-fighting techniques that make the oil fields safer and time after time he would risk
his own life challenging the most disastrous oil fires of modern times.

I. Birth and Childhood.
A. Paul N. "Red" Adair was born June 18, 1915 in Houston, Texas.
1. His parents, Mary and Charles Adair, also had four other sons and three daughters.
2. The family lived in the Heights of Houston where his father worked as a blacksmith.
B. After attending Harvard Elementary School and Hogg Junior High School, he quit
Reagan High School to help support the family. He held many different jobs from the time
he quit high school until he went to work for the Southern Pacific Railroad in 1936.

II. Career
A. In 1938 Red was hired by the Otis Pressure Control Company, his first oil related job.
B. Red continued to work at odd jobs in the oil patch until he was inducted into the United States Army in 1945.
1. Red served in the 139th Bomb Disposal Squadron through the end of World War II and
achieved the rank of Staff Sergeant.

2. He returned home to Houston following the war and went to work for Myron Kinley,
the original pioneer of oil well fire and blowout control. Red continued to work for and
with Mr. Kinley until 1959.

C. After fourteen years with the M. M. Kinley Company, Red resigned and formed Red
Adair Company, Inc. to control oil well fires and blowouts.

1. Through Red Adair Company, Red pioneered the development of modern-day effective
Wild Well Control techniques and equipment and earned his reputation as "best in the

2. Red and other members of his firefighting team averaged controlling over 42 oilwell
fires and blowouts per year, inland and offshore, all over the world. Red and his men
represent over a century of Wild Well Control and expertise, completing over 1,000 jobs

III. Awards and Accomplishments
A. One of Red's greatest tasks and accomplishments occurred in 1991 following the Gulf War with Iraq.
1. Red and his team extinguished 117 of the burning oilwell fires ignited by Sadam
Hussein's Iraqi troops retreating from Kuwait. The wells extinguished by Red and his men
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