Red Hot Essay

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Red Hot

Red, the color of desire, the devil, and heat, an attention grabber, the main purpose to
is to be spellbinding. When skimming through a magazine the text is black, bold red
writing will stimulate ones eye causing them to stop and analyze it. At least that it
what advertising executives hope for, they often use emotions, cultural attitudes and,
unfair tactics to grab the audiences attention and hopefully their money as well.

There is an innate desire to rebel in all of us, to eat cookies before dinner and maybe go
to a movie instead of working on that paper the has precedence. Because this is natural is
it easy for advertisers to prey upon. Altoids knows of this inner desire and uses it to
their advantage in their Cinnamon Altoid magazine ad. By placing an eye-catching woman in
a red dress with devils horns they have grabbed the readers attention and catches ones
instinct to rebel, the red dress and horns represents naughty behavior, one knows he or
she is not supposed to have it, thus the longing to have it is even more. They have also
played upon the natural reaction to temptation, by placing this woman seductively upon the
case of mints with the words Ive got the Hots for you in bold red lettering above, she
is drawing the reader in with sexual connotations. Exploiting natural impulse is the name
of the game in advertising.

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