Regilations Essay

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Goods Documents Required Customs Prescriptions Remarks
Removal goods. * OBL/AWB consigned to client's name.* Inventory List.* Work
Permit.* Passport.* Residency into Egypt at least for six months. * Duty free entry only
for Diplomatic Corps or those who are guaranteed by an Egyptian Ministry.* Letter of
Bank Guarantee. Importation of goods within 6 months from date of arrival.

Individuals' shipments. * OBL/AWB as above.* Inventory List.* Passport. * Present bank
letter of guarantee covering duties, or cash deposit as stated by the customs
authorities. Both are about 100% reimbursed when goods are re-exported.

Vehicles. * OBL/AWB.* Certificate of origin.* Certificate of manufacturing date (not more
than 1 year old).* Ownership proof. * Free for diplomats or for those guaranteed by an
Egyptian Ministry.* Otherwise, customs duties are paid. * Vehicles with trip-tickets are
allowed to enter only on tourist basis and not more than 3 months. Renewable for another
3 months. No diesel engine allowed.All vehicles should have a catalyst converter for
models 1998 and above.Duties 135%.Sales tax from 10% to 25%.

Commercial shipments. * Tax card.* Import license.* Sales tax certificate.* Customs Deal
Card.* Bank Form 11.* Original AWB/OBL endorsed from bank.* Invoice must be endorsed from
bank.* Receipt for expenses from bank.* Certificate of Origin legalized. * Customs
duties.* Sales Tax.* Service Fees.

Alcohol. * Do not ship. * Free for diplomats.* Otherwise 3000% as customs duties and Sales Tax.
Food products, seeds and/or plants. If for commercial purposes: * Certificate of origin
legalized.* Import License.* Bank Form 11.* Certificate for manufacturing date on each
carton, andn Name of consigneen Name of Shippern Product namen Product expiry
date* Radiation Certificate.* Tax Card.* Sales Tax Certificate.* Customs Card
Number. * Consumable charges.* Free for diplomats. Must be inspected by the Ministry of
Agriculture prior to the clearance.Approval from Ministry of Health and Atomic Energy.

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