Religion And Life Essay

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Religion And Life

Do you know why people are brought to life? Do you know what is the role of religion in
life? These two things are the most important things that we have to know about and
realize their importance in life.

People are brought to life to serve the world, each other, and the creatures living on it.
Nevertheless, God has given us the power of controlling, managing and taking care of every
single thing on this planet; as well as, helping other people with their problems and
life. This is due to the fact that it is the nature of human beings to have differing
ranks amongst themselves. For example, on this beautiful planet there are rich and poor
people, and people who are in between. This leads to the neediness of the higher ranks for
the poor who are lower in rank, to be the labor that is needed.

Unfortunately, these days there are few people who think about others and the environment
in which they live. This is mainly because of their hectic lifestyles and not being able
to spend some of their precious time for these things, as well as not giving an importance
to it.

People have to know that we have to take care of everything on this world, even a small
plant so that the world stays in peace. In contrast, this plant may get scarce in the
future. This is due to some lack of caring for it, as well as human beings and other
creatures, because we also have a role on this planet and are responsible for it. These
days everyone is aware of the wars and problems that exist between two or more neighboring
countries, for silly and unworthy reasons. People are getting killed for no reason and
many suffer as well. If things do get better and the wars end, still not that many people
care for the other people who are suffering because of war and in need for medical

People are able to solve the problems without even war, or in other words, without harming
others and making them suffer. The best solution for these kinds of problems is religion.
If everyone satisfies his/her religious principles, the world will be at peace. Because
every single religion has mentioned that we have to take care of our world and its
creatures and that we are responsible for it. There will be specific goals to be achieved
according to each religion. So, we have to give our time and attention to the things which
are much more important than anything else.

The first main reason why the world’s situation is getting worse and worse is the
standardized exchange item, which is called “money”. In developed countries,
people are spending most of their time working to earn more money so that they can
maintain a high standard of living. Unfortunately, they are not ready to divide their time
between work and the other part for other things. To be more specific, they could work for
half a day and earn enough money, to live a simple life without any complications. Doing
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