Religion Vs Astronomy Essay

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Religion Vs Astronomy

Religion and science have always been in direct competition with one another. The ultimate
goal of science is to prove the inexistence of God with facts, while the existence in God
is simply based on belief and faith. While 95% of the people living on Earth believe in a
superior being of some sort, some might say that religion clouds the minds of otherwise
logical individuals and makes it impossible for them to pursue the truth of the Universe.
Thus, the debate on which view is the right one continues on, while somewhere in the
middle stand religious followers who are also scientists.

Many people claim that the belief in religion comes simply from the "need of something to
believe in". However, it is difficult to argue against the fact that religion does not
include its followers in something greater, then just a "need". It allows for an
identification with a greater body of religious believers and for the inclusion in the
love of a God. The only thing religion asks for in return is faith in its teachings which
is made up of their morals and the existence of the God which they cherish and worship.

In the movie "Contact", Ellie Arroway represents many scientists in the world. She is torn
between religion and science, however she is unable to rely on the assumed truths of the
teachings of religions. Science is the search for truth, it allows her to discover the
truth for herself. As Palmer Joss later mentions in the movie, the purity of science is
not involved in the furthering of technology. Technology is not the God that science
seeks, for it seeks to create no God, science does not believe in any sort of God.
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