Religion Characters

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I do not feel that I should participate in the "Pay it Forward" assignment. This
assignment is telling us to go be nice to people and we will get a good grade. If we don't
do anything nice, we will not receive a good grade. I do not feel like anybody should be
forced to do something nice, if they have to be forced, they shouldn't do it at all. If it
is not done for the correct reasons, it doesn't mean anything. I do nice things for
people. If I am in the mood and feel that I should help somebody out, I will, but I will
not give them a paper and turn it in to the teacher for a grade. How impersonal is that?
If I receive a paper from somebody during this project, I will not feel grateful that they
performed an act of kindness for me because it is not for the right reasons. Their act of
kindness is for a grade in religion class. Besides the "Pay it Forward" project has almost
nothing in common with the movie.

In the movie the little boy, Trevor, decided that he should change the world. His idea
about how to do it is a good theory, but it will never work as well as anyone would hope
it would. In the movie he saves a homeless man, and he took him home and gave him some
money, food, and a place to sleep. He did not have to do anything at all. If I remember
correctly, that assignment in the movie was for extra credit. Today we received an
assignment that is worth a very healthy sum of points for the second nine weeks. Why
should we have to be given grades to be nice to each other? Has the world gone that bad?
Having to basically bribe or force people to be courteous to others. That, in my opinion
is wrong. This project has a good purpose but I don't feel that it is the right thing to
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