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Our society (the UK) is one of the societies where most people you meet will call
themselves atheists. Most people in the US would call themselves religious and virtually
all of the far eastern countries are religious. In fact, most people on the planet are
religious so there is nothing any of us atheists can do about it.

But why would we want to do anything about it? It's true that religion keep the societies
of the planet ticking over. It gives people a hope (a false hope, as some would say) that
they are special in this very large and dark universe. It can prevent people from
committing crimes because they are afraid that if they do, they will miss out on the

Of course on the other hand, it can be the source of large-scale conflict, murders and
extremist attacks. Which goes to show that it isn't religion that's the problem or the's the people who use it.

(On another note, if the people are good or bad because of religion then you can remove
the people from the whole religion equation because they cancel themselves out. But then
without the people, what are you left with? The answer is (imo) nothing. Therefore,
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